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To help producers begin experiencing the production and health benefits of installing EPI Air in their barns, we’ve partnered with AgStar Financial Services, one of the nation’s leading Farm Credit associations, to offer special financing on EPI Air systems.

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Meet John Baumgartner

Welcome to the world of EPI Air. Our patented electrostatic particle ionization system clears your confinement production facility of dust particles and the gases and pathogens that are carried along with them. Those particles attach to a grounded surface and are no longer in the air. The result is a marked improvement in animal growth and livability.

John Baumgartner
President, BEI


-This is a significant change in environmental systems with a net result of improved pig performance. The science is sound. -Dr. Steve Pollmann

-My EPI system has virtually eliminated any respiratory issues in my herd. -Ryan Bomgaars

-EPI Air has been studied in two KSU nursery facilities for over a year. EPI significantly reduced barn dust as well as emissions which tended to improve ADG and pig body weights. -Jon DeJong, Kansas State University

Electrostatic Particle Ionization Offers Option for Reducing Airborne Transmission of PRRS


Dr. Qiang Zhang, a researcher with the University of Manitoba, says electrostatic particle ionization offers swine producers an easy to use option for reducing the airborne transmission of PRRS.

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